24th July 2014
Save The Album

album /ˈalbəm/ n. 1. One or more recordings issued together intended to be listened to as a complete listening experience.

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21st July 2014

Originally commissioned by Deborah Shaw to be performed in the gardens at Hampton Court Palace as part of the Gorgeous Georges, Echo to the Vaulted Sky weekend - 'On Progress' gets a re-run at Latitude festival.



19th July 2014
Echaskech - Nemone's Electric Ladyland Feature

Echaskech featured on as the penultimate track on Nemone’s Electric Ladyland on BBC 6. Listen back to the show here.

Listen to the new EP Sovereign System, which is out now.



15th July 2014



15th July 2014



14th July 2014
Echaskech - Sovereign System EP

Featuring remixes from submerse, Krimson, Magic Panda and Seyr. The new EP, out now.



11th July 2014



4th July 2014



3rd July 2014



2nd July 2014