26th August 2014
Save The Album | Digitonal Top 5 Albums

Ok, so firstly, this is a preposterously impossible task. Music is intrinsically tied to my state of mind most of the time and 'favourites' come and go as my mood does.  So for this excercise I'm going to go with a definition of most enduring - the albums I come back to again and again.

Vangelis - Blade Runner OST
Probably the finest album of electronic music ever written. It's just made of atmosphere - the level of detail in the sound design is just immense.  This is the reason why so much electronica still sounds like the future.

Monteverdi - Vespers 1610
There are hundreds of classical pieces I could choose, but this is just a masterclass in harmony. Where it all started for me in many ways - I've made oblique references to this in many of my tracks and I just find it the most astonishing piece of work, particularly when performed.

Boards of Canada - Music Has the Right to Children
I still remember vividly the moment I first heard Aquarius, listening to Pete Lawrence doing a Kiss FM show. This is pretty much a perfect album in how evocative and timeless it is.  It defines everything that's amazing about the genre.

Gravenhurst - Flashlight Seasons
I used to hang out in Smallfish Records a lot and they'd always give me a stack of vinyl to go through. One day, I realise I'm listening to what's on in the store more than what's on the deck and it's this record. Immediately bought and it's got me through more hard times and heartache than anything else in the world.  To this day it still has the ability to make me cry like a baby.  He's the most underrated musician in the UK by a country mile.

Pixies - Bossanova
Controversial this once since most people regard it as a weaker album (though it's still streets ahead of most people's best), but I don't care because this is sound of my teenage years.  I learnt guitar playing along to Is She Weird.  I have listened to a Pixies album at least once a month for over 20 years. That's quite something isn't it?



18th August 2014
Save The Album | Echaskech Top 5 Albums

Here are the 5 most important albums ever according to the gospel of Andy 'Echaskech' Gillham.

Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
Ambient space jazz from 1969 that could only really exist in 'long player' format. Edited, chopped and looped together from dozens of tapes by producer Teo Macereo, the care put into that aspect of the album is as much a part of its beauty as the sounds from the musicians themselves.

Kraftwerk - Computer World
Fast forward to 1981 and it takes these guys to create what's probably my favourite electronic album of all time. A prescient subject matter as forward thinking as the music within.

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
A tough call this one as almost placed Autechre's 'Amber' here but in terms of how often I've listened to and enjoyed this album over the years, Richard D James wins. We await in hope for volume 3!

Orbital - Insides
Not far behind Kraftwerk as an all time favourite is this one - only the album format can afford an act like Orbital to indulge in the fabulous 24 minute 'Out There Somewhere' album closer.

Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Vol 3 & 4
Deceptively simple melodic electronic music - and proof that album length work in this genre is far from dead. I could quite easily swap this for Sleep Games by the same artist. So often the key to great music is simple melodies somehow presented in a way you've never heard before...



14th August 2014
Opdot - Opus One | Special Offer

To coincide with their recent live performance in Nottingham this week, we are offering Opdot's debut album, Opus One, for just £7.99 for a limited time only.

Available from the Just Music store.



14th August 2014

These tracks started out as entries to the Echaskech remix competition. The quality of entries was so high that the band decided to get some of their favourites mastered and released for your listening pleasure.

All the tracks are available to download for free or donation.



11th August 2014
Will Dutta: Parergon Live | Radar Festival

Will Dutta will be bringing his spectacular live performance of Parergon to Bulgaria at Radar Festical on 20th August.

Watch Will in action:

"A beautiful and hypnotic....exudes a beguiling sensibility that is equal parts classical and electronica"

Buy Tickets




7th August 2014
Jon Hopkins Live | Brixton Academy



5th August 2014

A short animation created by Justine Vuylsteker inspired by the music of Marconi Union:

"Fish Don't Need Sex is my graduation film, which I directed during my last year at Esaat, in France. The film was built around the track "Glace Bay" composed by Marconi Union, which inspired the particular atmosphere of the project. It’s a sensuous film, entirely made of paper. Each frame was cut with a scalpel, before going under the camera and being back-lighted." - Justine Vuylsteker.

Realisation: Justine Vuylsteker
Music: Glace Bay (part one), composed by Marconi Union



5th August 2014

Filmed at The London Forum on 22nd Feb 2014

Jon Hopkins Live at Brixton Academy 24/05/2015 - Buy Tickets



5th August 2014
Opdot Live | Nottingham, 7th August


Opdot :: 22:20 - 22:50
7 Second Hurricane :: 21:40 - 22:10
JAR :: 20:55 - 21:25
Pop Orchestra :: 20:15 - 20:45

Entry £3 | Doors 8.00 | 16+

The Maze, 257 Mansfield Road, NG1 3FT Nottingham

Watch the video for Lamentette. From the album Opus One, out now.



31st July 2014
Just Music Café - Tune In & Chill Out 1