1st November 2012

WILL DUTTA : PARERGON OUT NOW and can be purchased from the Just Music Store.

"Pianist and composer Will Dutta has long made it his mission to join the dots between modern classical and dance music's more adventurous fringes and with debut album Parergon he makes the links more tangible than ever...mesmerising, a great example of Dutta's ability to marry compositional depth and sonic ambition with electronica's established tones and timbres" Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize Recommends

"One of the most deeply rejuvenating musical experiences we've come across"Vice Magazine

'Beautiful and hypnotic...exudes a beguiling sensibility that is in equal parts classical and electronica" The CMU

Through his multiple roles as Concert Pianist, Collaborator and Creative Producer of Chimera Productions, Will Dutta's ongoing interest in connecting the dots between modern dance music and contemporary and experimental art music has led to performances at Village Underground, Tate Modern and Ether 10 at the Southbank Centre, as well as collaborations with the likes of Warp luminaries Plaid, sonic artist John Matthias and composer Max de Wardener.

Parergon features exceptional recordings of these hyper-colourful and exciting collaborations alongside his own stunning performances of minimalist compositions all beautifully recorded on a Steinway Model D, to create a journey through an emerging non-classical aesthetic

"Will Dutta is one of those insanely gifted human beings that all our parents hoped they’d produce...Will's outstanding piano composition here expertly manipulated into a stunning, shimmering whole by its digital production" Vice Magazine

Watch the video for Plaid collaboration 'Distance' below