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CD (TAO008)

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12" (TAO008S)

1. Sweet As Honey
2. French Theme
3. Falling


Honeyroot - Sound Echo Location

Sound Echo Location

Just Music, 2010

'Sound Echo Location' is a beautifully crafted album, a sensuous blend of contemporary electronica with real instruments and voices and the effortlessly evocative feel of a film score. From the pioneering simplicity of their electronic roots Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes have combined a wealth of talent and expertise to create this album of heart and passion, an album that oozes pure class and hypnotic melody.


This essay in evocative electronica is the debut from Glenn Gregory and Keith Lowndes (ex Heaven 17 and ABC respectively). Far from dated, it sounds beguiling, contemporary and frequently sublime. Sweet As Honey is as symphonic as Mezzanine-era Massive Attack or their Bristolian disciples Alpha, Losing My Mind and Summer Sky patrol the outer limits of the exquisite melancholy patented by Moby, and Falling reinvents the lush dreampop of Julee Cruise. Somehow, though, Gregory and Lowndes maintain their own deft, delicate identity throughout
Q Magazine 2003

Soulful electronica meets blissful beats meets atmospheric, filtered ambiance... with lyrics! This is a chilled blend of Air, Archive and a whole bunch of late 90's smoking bands with a contemporary twist (the songwriting) that brings it up to date. What this kind of thing normally needs are one or two outstanding tracks to lift it above the many acts doing the same kind of thing. Fortunately in Losing My Mind, Sunrise Sunset, and Sweet as Honey you have three classic tracks. It's no coincidence that these are the opening tracks but there's plenty more on Sound Echo Location to get you in the mood (8/10)
Future Music

Glenn Gregory was a third of Heaven 17, the politically-motivated futurists that sprung off the Human League. Far removed from the 80's roots of either player, this is a very 21st Century album. Ambient, electronic and sparsely arranged, it still manages to combine dance elements into its wide gamut of styles, taking some obvious reference points like Portishead and Massive Attack and merging them with triphop. You realise you're listening to a perfectly conceived and constructed collection of songs
ITM Magazine

You want atmosphere? Filmcore? Melodic dance? You want Ibiza, Goa, Malta? You want it, you got it. Glenn Gregory took us from Penthouse to Pavement; now it's time for the beach and all things natural. Losing My Mind's summer thunder sets the scene superbly, Sunrise Sunset gives us Soul II Soul rhythms before Sweet As Honey and State of Mind hit the dancefloor. Tender, dynamic and genuinely evocative. Echo location? Sound
Hi Fi News

Atmospheric, beautifully crafted, an opus that soothes away the winter cold with promises of sunny days
DJ Magazine

A collection of long drifting tracks with a distinct whiff of Air, early ambient house and travelogue soundtrack. Polished, mellow and agreeable

It should sound good sitting in Ibiza's Caf? del Mar at sunset.
Music Week

It is such a fabulous album...we have it on all the time.
Janice Long

Brilliant - a beautiful dreamy record which makes you itch for summer.
CFX Plymouth

These tracks are excellent - blissed out tunes deal for Ibiza sunsets.
Cool FM Glasgow

Wonderfully ambient and atmospheric.
Radio Ceredigion

Exceedingly Moby-esque, very cool.
Ramair ? Bradford

Quality smooth downtempo to rival Zero 7.
Malibu Surf - Cornwall

What a summer treat. Love it.
KICFM ? Wolverhampton

Fantastically chilled out and beautifully crafted.
C4 Canterbury

To be appreciated sat in your garden with wine and a summer breeze or during late night chats...very compulsive listening.
IBFM - Burnley