‘Weatherman’ is Laurant Webb. Laurant was born in Portsmouth, but spent his early years in Zambia, returning to England for most of his schooling. He started working as a studio engineer at the age of 18, and soon joined up with Justin Bailey and Dave Coker to form ‘Wubble-U’, who had early chart hits with ‘Petal’ and ‘A Bit Like You’. Laurant left ‘Wubble-U’ in 1997, as he began to follow new directions, exploring different sounds. He joined tech house band, ‘Flunky’, known for records such as ‘Love Song’ and ‘Dance Floor Collective’. In 1993 Laurant set up Strangeweather Studios on the banks of the River Thames in Greenwich, London and quickly acquired a reputation as a highly sought after producer in the underground dance music scene. He has worked with many well known artists in this field including Terry Francis, Matthew B and Eddie Richards and he has also collaborated with dance acts Duncan Forbes and Animated. Laurant’s engineering and production credits include Nathan Coles, Delinquents and Dave Mothersole and as a remixer his clients range from artists as diverse as Gabrielle, Madness, The Cardigans and Sleeper. In addition to remixing, producing and recording in this country, Laurant is now in increasing demand from the European film industry to work on art house film soundtracks.