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‘Blowback’, the second single from Marconi Union’s new album, Signals, (5th November ‘21) sees them continue their return to rhythm with another driving electronic track.

It sets the stall out for what was to become a body of work that combines their trademark ambient hazy synths, melodic compositional structures, unparalleled sound designs and atmospherics, with driving energetic rhythms and irresistible beats.

Blowback has a certain attitude that we’ve not dealt with before,” Duncan Meadows explains. “It was the first track we finished and it marked a big moment in us making Signals: things came much more into focus and we were able to look at the remaining unfinished tracks in a new and different light.”

Imagine the aftermath of the hippy movement,” suggests Jamie Crossley. “The party’s over and you’re left with the dark underbelly of Hells Angels and drug casualties, any notion of peace and love is long gone. It’s another one of those moments where idealistic notions go wrong, which is a story that repeats itself again and again. Blowback feels like the perfect musical backdrop to this and despite the drug reference of the title it’s more a reference to an unintended negative effect.”

Richard Talbot adds: “Blowback is an unusual track in that it’s quite cinematic with power and momentum but at the same time it’s tinted with nostalgia and an underlying sense of loss or disappointment.