Give Peace A Chance – An Anti-War Protest Playlist

“It was the best of times it was the worst of times” is how Dickens described the period in the Tale of Two Cities.

It’s in the context of those words, so aptly and eloquently describing the times we now live in, that we wish to send our festive message of love, peace, health and happiness to all.

Music is a universal language for us to share our common humanity and to bring aspiration and hope for a better future.

Music can also be a force for change – and a change for the better is much needed right now.

So this year the Just Music Xmas music message is our playlist of protest for peace.

We have selected for this playlist the music and lyrics of these wonderful artists to convey our message for this festive season and to echo our need at this time – in much the same way as the prescient words of Dickens echoed the times of his message.

Here’s to a better world for all…

With love and peace from the Just Music and Ambient Zone team.

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