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Marconi Union

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“Marconi Union have been supplying the world with superior ambient music for some 14 years now…This takes the music on Ghost Stations pleasingly near to the sound that Bowie created when he unleashed his sax on top of the electronica on side two of Low” – The Sunday Times

“Marconi Union have always excelled at the creation of a sonic space in which to shelter….its accomplishments deserve to seep through its gossamer veil to find a public in need of reprieve …they’ve lent the nocturnal beauty of ancient structures bathed in subdued lighting, any sense of threat exchanged for a reassuring sense of security…it offers an opportunity for recuperation and contemplation, and such chances are increasingly rare”  – The Quietus

“Marconi Union always find beauty in the bleakest places “  – Uncut 8/10

“It’s a beautiful smooth evocation of being whisked through darkness, perched on the cusp of anticipation”The Independent ****

“Marconi Union collate a slew of ideas, then let then slide gracefully across layers of sound” – Clash

[Ghost Stations] proves they’ve not decoupled from their trademarked emotionally charged mood pieces and strong music narratives” – Mojo ****

“This is exactly the kind of release you’d expect to rock up in the bizarro jazz/electronica slot on the Mercury Prize” – The Crack

“[Ghost Stations’] richness of ambience is slightly unsettling and surprisingly soothing at the same time, further developing Marconi Union’s signature style. They are like ambient amoebas of electronic music: constantly altering their sound with combining ambience with soft beats, dub with gentle jazz – yet they are still recognizable” – Sounds Of A Tired City

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“Sleeper is a lengthy, lugubrious display of ideas” – Clash Music

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