Marconi Union – Temperature Drop | Video Premiere

Marconi Union

Marconi Union – Temperature Drop | Video Premiere

“The hypnotic synthesizers and soothing warmth of guitars radiates throughout ‘Temperature Drop’, recalling the early 70’s Krautrock movement as well as legendary Chicago ensemble Tortoise and the experimental German label Denovali Records’ output.” – Fractured Air

Marconi Union have released a new video for track Temperature Drop, taken from their latest album Tokyo+. The video has been premiered exclusively by Fractured Air.

“The Manchester-based group create introspective ambient soundscapes that evokes the far-reaching ambient works of Brian Eno, Harold Budd and Biosphere.”

Watch the video:

Tokyo+ is a re-release of the original Tokyo album together with a new accompanying EP ‘+’ of live studio remixes. The double album is out now and available for download or on CD: