Signals | Marconi Union | New Album

Marconi Union

We are delighted to announce that Marconi Union return with their new album, Signals, to be released digitally and on CD on 5th November via our sister label Just Music, with vinyl LPs released 10th December.

It is the latest addition to their highly acclaimed discography. Despite having released twelve albums in the last eighteen years, they continue to experiment and push boundaries.

‘In some respects Signals is a more traditional songwriting album than anything we’ve done before, but it draws on the same techniques we’ve used on our previous albums.’

Signals combines synthetic textures with organic sound, and merges the familiar with the unknown, transporting the listener deep into their imagination. The one-word title is both mysterious and evocative, suggesting a multitude of images that range from high-tech electronic messaging to ghostly abandoned radio stations and even that most basic level of human expression, body language.

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Includes Limited Edition Exclusives:
Silver vinyl with additional 4 track CD through the Dinked stores (UK)
Crystal clear vinyl through all good Indie stores