Strata | Marconi Union | New Single

Marconi Union

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Strata sees Marconi Union diving headfirst into a new expansion of their sound.

“It’s one of the most up-tempo pieces we’ve ever written, it has an energy and emotion which for us borders on elation” Duncan Meadows explains.

Jamie Crossley adds that “Once we changed the rhythm pattern to this track, it took on a totally different feel, giving it more tension and suspense, I could imagine it being like a modern-day version of the sort of music used in those 60/70’s crime/thriller soundtracks like ‘Bullitt’”.

And Richard Talbot adds a final piece of colour about the new track, saying “Strata has a sense of unworldliness for me, bringing together elements from different styles of music to create a combination of urgency and melancholy.