Just Music Café Vol 3 – Poolside Beats

Just Music Café Vol 3 – Poolside Beats

“It’s a taste of pure summer and a taste of just how phenomenal the independent just music label and their artist roster really are” DJ Ben Mynott

This is the third in the highly acclaimed Just Music Café compilation series, following on from Vol. 1 Acoustic & Beats and Vol. 2 AM:PM.Poolside Beats is for everyone who needs to take time out, it is a perfect album to cheer us up and make us think of sunshine and lying by the pool – even if the english rain continues to drip down…

Cafe ambience, classic coffeehouse ambience, is a physical and spiritual place offering a window to the world – a world to find composure, comfort, warmth, stimulation, reflection, creativity, & social interaction; soft sounds & soothing rhythms.

The Just Music Café Poolside Beats album is just such a place, quietly building energy throughout this DJ set – an ambience for passing time moment by moment – & for feeling better for each such moment.

Compiled and sequenced by DJ Ben Mynott,he has this to say:

“I created this set not only for the iPod generation to listen to next to the pool with their martini – shaken not stirred – but for for all of us commuting home after a long day at work who want to zone out and escape to places still further away in the sunshine of their mind.

As a DJ, broadcaster and devoted record collector this is an absolute dream for me to dj – what music lover of fantastic downtempo beats & singer-songwriters could resist working with the artists on this album!

So kickback, relax and let ‘Poolside Beats’ take you on a journey, exclusively catered for your enjoyment.”

Poolside Beats moves effortlessly through the opening track from Marconi Union, ‘Shower of Sparks’, into the lovely Yuri’s mix of Digitonal’s ‘Antares’. the sunshine beats of Santa Cruz Musique and Future Loop Foundation are followed by remixes from the in-demand Aaron Jerome, Greenmoney & Padded Cell. Tracks and remixes from Jon Hopkins (‘Wire’), Honeyroot (‘Heavy Drops’) and Echaskech (‘Popstars’) follow before the journey ends with the epic Koln mix of Padma’s ‘Entryphone’.

“I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee”  Carly Simon

Catalogue Number: TAO043