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Marconi Union - Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol.2)
Inspired by the process of making the original 'Weightless' track MU have made a whole album using the same approach. Out now.

Echaskech - Sovereign System EP
The second single from Origin, out now.

Jain Grant - Beautiful Heart
Jain was a treasured member of the Just Music family and this CD has been produced as a lasting tribute to her beautiful life and her music

Echaskech - Origin
"An album of intelligent genre-hopping ." - 5/5 Globetronica Out now.

Echaskech - Form | Function EP
"Fusing the fidgety rhythms of classic IDM with the soaring melodies of golden-era progressive house." - Spin

Jon Hopkins - How I Live Now
“An excellent end to Hopkins’ stellar year” - 8/10 NME

Special Album Offers

Jon Hopkins - Contact Note + Opalescent
Pick up both of Jon Hopkins' first albums for just £15.
Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way to Fall
A return to the punchier rhythms and pronounced lead work of A Strangely Isolated Place plus new textures from earlier sonic explorations.

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Latest Posts

14th January 2015
Jon Hopkins Mixes Late Night Tales

Jon Hopkins has taken charge for the next edition of the Late Night Tales, due for release on 1st March. Amongst the artists Jon has selected feature the likes of Darkstar, Teebs, Nils Frahm, Letherette, Four Tet and Bibio. At the end of the mix there is even an exclusive poem by Rick Holland, a fellow Brian Eno collaborator.

This is what Jon had to say of the project: “Putting this album together was a unique opportunity for me to present music that I have been listening to for years, free from the constraints of a club setting or from trying to stick to one genre.

"I chose tracks not just because they have been important to me but because of how they sit together, putting as much thought into the transitions and overall narrative as I did into the track choices. I mixed by key and by texture more than anything else, using original sound design, pivot notes, and often recording new synth or piano parts to link things together in a way that flows as naturally as possible.

Check out this free sampler below:

01. Ben Lukas Boysen ­- Sleepers Beat Theme
02. Darkstar - Hold Me Down
03. HolyOther­ - YrLove
04. Teebs - Verbena Tea with Rebekah Raff
05. Nils Frahm ­- More
06. Songs Of Green Pheasant - I Am Daylights
07. Jonsi & Alex Daniell - In The Sea
08. Evenings - Babe
09. Letherette ­- After Dawn
10. Jon Hopkins - I Remember (Yeasayer cover version)
11. David Holmes ­- Hey Maggy
12. Alela Diane ­- Lady Divine
13. Four Tet ­- Gillie Amma I Love You
14. School Of Seven Bells ­- Connjur
15. Peter Broderick - And It's Alright (Nils Frahm Remix)
16. Health - Before Tigers (Gold Panda Remix)
17. Last Days - Missing Photos
18. Bibio - Down To The Sound
19. A Winged Victory For The Sullen ­- Requiem For The Static King 1
20. Helios ­- Emancipation
21. Rick Holland - I Remember (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)

The release is available now on pre-order from Late Night Tales.



13th January 2015

If an electronic track can be a limpid pool, this one is. Not a ripple touches the surface, not a single speck of dust clouds the glassy stillness. Weightless the album contains five more similarly translucently gorgeous tracks.”
The Sunday Times

An ethereal sense of eternally free flowing dimensions...worth the wait.”
DJ Mag 8/10

Uncut 8/10

Out Now:
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Watch the video for Weightless:


"A mighty piece of work"
5/5 DMC World

"An album of intelligent genre-hopping"
4/5 Mojo

"One of the albums of 2014"
5/5 Globetronica

"A highly contagious album worth revisiting time and time again"

"The pair are at the top of their game"
The Crack

"post rock soundscapes of Fuck Buttons or even Mogwai"
The Skinny

Out Now:
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Watch the video for Form | Function:


“British ambient band Marconi Union has drummed up the world's most relaxing song: Weightless is 8 mins 10 sec. of aural bliss"
(Best Inventions of the Year) Time Magazine

"An excellent compilation from the always interesting Just Music label"
Sunday Times

Out Now:
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| iTunes | Amazon