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New Releases

Digitonal - Beautiful Broken
The exquisite new album; pre-order now.

Marconi Union - Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol.2)
Inspired by the process of making the original 'Weightless' track MU have made a whole album using the same approach. Out now.

Echaskech - Sovereign System EP
The second single from Origin, out now.

Jain Grant - Beautiful Heart
Jain was a treasured member of the Just Music family and this CD has been produced as a lasting tribute to her beautiful life and her music

Echaskech - Origin
"An album of intelligent genre-hopping ." - 5/5 Globetronica Out now.

Echaskech - Form | Function EP
"Fusing the fidgety rhythms of classic IDM with the soaring melodies of golden-era progressive house." - Spin

Special Album Offers

Jon Hopkins - Contact Note + Opalescent
Pick up both of Jon Hopkins' first albums for just £15.
Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way to Fall
A return to the punchier rhythms and pronounced lead work of A Strangely Isolated Place plus new textures from earlier sonic explorations.

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Latest Posts

29th June 2015
New Marconi Union Video - Weightless Part 5

After the enormous success of the first Weightless video last year, Marconi Union have returned with another, this time for Weightless Part 5.

"Glitchy, left field techno is matched against neo-classical flourishes, all delivered with an earnest emotional weight." - Clash Music

Weightless Part 5 is taken from the album 'Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol 2) which is out now.



4th May 2015

"Cinematic in scope and undeniably beautiful in execution, this is just perfect.” - The Crack

"Beautiful" - The405

"Persuasively melodic, 'Eighteen' has all the detail you would expect from a true perfectionist.” - Clash Music

"Impresses for the quality of its craft -

"Tender and delicate and just plumb lovely" - Louder Than War

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Watch the video for Autumn Round:

"Some great joy and great sadness and some of the biggest challenges I've ever faced." - Digitonal

Read what Digitonal had to say about the new release, what it means to release an album, his influences, the artwork and more in an interview with Just Music.