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Digitonal - Beautiful Broken
The exquisite new album; pre-order now.

Marconi Union - Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol.2)
Inspired by the process of making the original 'Weightless' track MU have made a whole album using the same approach. Out now.

Echaskech - Sovereign System EP
The second single from Origin, out now.

Jain Grant - Beautiful Heart
Jain was a treasured member of the Just Music family and this CD has been produced as a lasting tribute to her beautiful life and her music

Echaskech - Origin
"An album of intelligent genre-hopping ." - 5/5 Globetronica Out now.

Echaskech - Form | Function EP
"Fusing the fidgety rhythms of classic IDM with the soaring melodies of golden-era progressive house." - Spin

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Jon Hopkins - Contact Note + Opalescent
Pick up both of Jon Hopkins' first albums for just £15.
Ulrich Schnauss - A Long Way to Fall
A return to the punchier rhythms and pronounced lead work of A Strangely Isolated Place plus new textures from earlier sonic explorations.

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17th April 2015
Digitonal | Beautiful Broken Influences

Ahead of the release of his forthcoming album 'Beautiful Broken' (4th May), Digitonal has compiled a playlist full of tracks which have influenced in some way the making of the record.

Read on to find out what part each track played as explained by the man himself, and listen to the playlist below.

"As I've said before, it's quite rare that I am directly influenced by music, although this album has more explicit connections to other people's music than my previous work. Influence for me is more like a creative gene pool.  Some things lend their vibe, others their complexity or simplicity, others methods of harmony or production style.  This playlist is a collection of tracks that I listened to, particularly in the last days of production on the album, and where something of the tune has seeped into my consciousness."

Phaeleh - A World Without
"Unquestionably my favourite producer at the moment. This album and this tune was a lesson in understatement. I love it."

Satie - Danse de Travers I
"I first heard this on a very old mix which Plaid did.  Again, it's simplicity and sparse use of it's harmonies were a big influence, especially for Luna."

Plaid - At Last
"Plaid have obviously been a huge influence on me over the years and this closer from Scintilli really sums up everything that makes them great. This is a great example of music which doesn't necessarily directly inform what I'm writing, but it's beauty and inventiveness give me a high-watermark to aim for."

Reich - Music for 18 musicians IIIA
"Eighteen is a homage to this piece and anyone who knows it well will pick up on the odd musical in-joke to it.  It's probably the most explicitly influenced track I've ever written.  I just wanted to try to capture it's kinetic energy in my own style and pay tribute to an artist who pretty much turned my musical world on it's head back in '94."

Iketa - Burn (Max Cooper Remix)
"Max Cooper, along with Jon Hopkins, Nathan Fake and Phaeleh represent the pinnacle of where melodic electronica is right now.  The sheer control over the sound is astonishing, let alone it's musicality.  And those beats man...."

Gravenhurst - The Prize
"Another example of a track which influences by it's vibe alone. I've been a lover of Nick Talbot's music from the beginning and very few artists have managed to get under my skin like he does.  This track from what would turn out to be his last album, not only influenced me for it's intimacy (something I really wanted this album to have), but also the lyrics which are a perfect reflection of what any of us that have kept going for all this time trying to make music feel."

Kettel & Secede - Pentimento
"Electronica is quite often pretty po-faced, myself included, and I loved the fun of this, as well as just how awesomely the orchestration of the parts work.  There isn't much actual composition in so much electronica and this tune just nails it."

Cliff Martinez - First Sleep
UNKLE - Out of the Light
Digitonal - 93 Years On (Maps and Diagrams Mix)
Loscil - The Making of Grief Point
"In the latter stage of producing the album I got really interested in Ambience again (real ambience as Loscil would have it).  All four of these tracks, from the space within them to the gentle undulation of the sonic movement within the piece, get right under my skin, blissing me out.  Particularly of importance was The Making of Grief Point which I'm confident I couldn't have completed this album without.  It was like a mantra for me, given the difficulties I faced personally with finishing the record, and the self-doubt which pervaded it's production.  I think this track sums up the whole process of writing and producing, especially in collaboration, so beautifully and poetically.  The final 'It is done' was what I aimed for throughout."

Michael Nyman - Come Unto These Yellow Sands
"Nyman has always been a silent influence for me in his deconstruction of themes and minimalist recreation of them.  This piece is tonally very different from everything on the album but I listened to it loads whilst I was writing.  The shifting time signatures, the variations in harmony.  A lot of places in the album are like ghost echoes of this, even though the finished result is very different.  Nothing quite like it."

Steve Reich - Proverb
"Had to include this.  I set the same phrase from Wittgenstein on the first track of the album: "How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life".  Pieces like this sit within my bloodstream once I fall for them, and, sooner or later, they make themselves known in what I write.  That's how influence ultimately seems to work for me."

'Beautiful Broken' is the new album from Digitonal and is availble to pre-order now from the Just Music store (out 4th May).




7th April 2015
New Digitonal Track - 'Luna' via The405

The 405 have premiered the 'beautiful' new Digitonal track 'Luna' from the upcoming Beautiful Broken album.

Go here to listen and read how it was written.

Beautiful Broken is out 4th May and you can hear a teaser for each track right here:



3rd April 2015
Digitonal Remix Competition

To celebrate the release of new album Beautiful Broken, we are offering any Digitonal fans and producers the chance to remix album track 'Autumn Round'. The best one will pocket £100 for their efforts.

Here is how you can take part:

1 - Listen to the song below and download the stems you need from Soundcloud.
2 - Create your own remix
3 - Once remix is complete, upload it to SoundCloud and add it to our SoundCloud group.
4 - Digitonal will then listen to the remixes and choose a winner.
(CLOSING DATE: 27th April)

Hear the original version of Autumn Round:



5th March 2015
Digitonal - Beautiful Broken | New Album

Clash Premiere: Digitonal - Eighteen:

"Persuasively melodic, 'Eighteen' has all the detail you would expect from a true perfectionist.” - Clash Magazine

The New Album

Following on from the success of Save Your Light For Darker Days and Be Still My Bleeping Heart, Digitonal will be releasing his exquisite third Just Music album on 4th May.

"The length of time that Beautiful Broken has taken has been its saving grace,” says Digitonal’s Andy Dobson. “I don’t feel any pressure to align myself to the zeitgeist any more and that’s very liberating. I have made mistakes in the past where I would contrive certain things to fit in with a certain scene, but I feel happy with the new album, because it’s me through and through.” - Andy Dobson (Digitonal)

Available for pre-order from the Just Music Store now.