Laki Mera

Clutter EP

Clutter EP

between the whispered minimalism of the XX and the glitchy percussion and abrasive electronica that characterised Portishead’s recent work…Donnelly is ever the focal point and she manages a charming vulnerability a la Bjork…a performer who is naturally captivating” – The Line Of Best Fit

The inevitable comparisons with Massive Attack and Cocteau Twins….as well as Portishead, Radiohead (no really, one track does – “Seagull’s Nex”) and Sia with a side-order of Beth Orton. Yep, pretty good company, though ultimately they sound like Laki Mera and that’s rare for a band to sound different enough to stand out” –

Drawing heavily from trip-hop and ambient electronica influences, Laki Mera craft carefully ordered and simultaneously shambolic soundscapes…layered and looped to produce something truly arresting… Just as you end a trip to the fairground both vaguely shaken and exhilarated, Clutter is a whirlwind listen that leaves you wanting more.8/10, The 405

fine piece of work… Not since the Blue Nile’s first recording has such well crafted music appeared
from a Scottish band, Laura Donnelly’s voice as affecting as Paul Buchanan’s.
With Portishead reborn and the ambience of trip-hop being reassessed, the time
may be just right for Laki Mera to make the leap to more widespread acclaim” – The Herald

stunning ambient electronica conjures shapes and textures occasionally hinted at by Zero 7 but not fully heard and appreciated since latter day Eno or ambient Japense god, Ryuichi Sakamoto” –

a gorgeous collection of ambient panorama and cinematic soundscapes over the top of which Laura’s ethereal enigmatic vocals soar and swoon” – pennyblack

Catalogue Number: TAOS037


  1. She's A Day Later
  2. How Dare You
  3. Seagull's Nex
  4. Zeuhi
  5. No Motion