Laki Mera

Crater (Mogwai remix)

Crater (Mogwai remix)

One of the highlights of the aforementioned debut The Proximity Effect, Crater – which received plenty of accolades in it’s original form – has been given a reworking by co-Glaswegians and Alternative stalwarts Mogwai. The result is a track both inventive and exciting, the first half’s low repeating electronic drone sounds like something that would fit nicely on Mogwai’s Mr Beast.

Synths still bounce like shooting stars, resulting in something that might make M83’s Anthony Gonzalez take note. The slowed down tempo works almost too well with Laki Mera’s hypnotic female vocals. Mogwai took an impressive electronic pop track and turned it into something of pure bliss.” – Loose Lips

Beginning with pedalled synth, the song surrounds the vocals of singer Laura Donnelly with layered harmonies and a subtle beat, only to end abruptly, shocking you out of the dream-like song.” – The 405

Catalogue Number: TAOS045R


  1. Crater (Mogwai remix – radio edit)
  2. Crater (Mogwai remix)
  3. Crater