On ‘Origin’, their third album for Just Music, Echaskech have introduced new sonic sources including analogue hardware, live percussion, field recordings, piano plus bass and acoustic guitar – all underpinned with good old fashioned software synthesis and sound design.

‘Origin’ was created to be otherworldly yet organic in theme, to conjure up images of distant places alongside themes of exploration and habitation of new worlds. The results straddle multiple genres with a sound that refuses to be easily defined in general terms yet retains a distinct epic and melodic slant.

At times it bristles with clarity, at others fizzes with warmth. Shiny, strident percussion accompanies atmospheric catchy hooks whilst tunes such as ‘Anomie’, ‘Scanners’ and ‘Paper Scissors’ mutate and twist delivering unexpected turns of mood as they progress.

Overall, it’s an album of multi-faceted and varied hues – melodic, epic, cerebral (yet never overly obscure or complex) with a thoroughly unique and original mixture of musical styles.

Origin is released 24th Feb 2014 preceded by the four track EP ‘Form | Function’ including a remix from Arkist.

In the live environment they team up with visual artist Mach V, syncing visuals to audio as accompaniment which has seen performances including Secret Garden Party, Blissfields, The Big Chill, Solfest and Glade, Corsica Studios and numerous underground warehouse parties. Such is the strength of their onstage show that they are (for better or worse) repeatedly compared to heavyweight stadium acts, earning themselves a nomination for UK Festival Awards Critics’ Choice Award in 2010.

Catalogue Number: TAOO55


  1. Scanners
  2. Voyager
  3. Paper Scissors
  4. Telomere
  5. Metic
  6. Ash Fallen
  7. Colony
  8. Form | Function
  9. Sovereign System
  10. Anomie