Echaskech have absorbed a broad range of influences, since discovering the world of dance music. Very musical and melodic, reinforced with breakbeats, Skechbook contains acid lines and floor shaking bass in parts but not afraid of dropping the tempo way down and sending you drifting off in others, this great debut is the result of a long and winding musical climb. Echaskech have been steadily joining the dots from Kraftwerk to Street Sounds, from Acid House to Techno, developing an unstoppable understanding of dance rhythms. The result is an effortlessly flowing and inescapably powerful sound.

Catalogue Number: TAO018


  1. Cause And Effect
  2. Besides
  3. 7th Fall
  4. Unsynchronised Swimming
  5. Long Time Coming
  6. Multiples
  7. Frequency Apogee
  8. String Break
  9. Popstars
  10. Try
  11. A Slow Day
  12. Going Dark